Kanishka Consultancy

It helps its clients's profitability and productivity, in making processes.

Kanishka Consultancy helps its clients's profitability and productivity, in making processes.Its a team of professionals with a strong background of technology as well as business

Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a logical approach for managing business processes while connecting individual to individual, application to application and individual to applications.

Business Applications for Mobile Platforms

Mobiles have developed to become the global lifestyle. Get more done, more easily with KC Business applications for mobile platform.Quickly mobilize your workforce with KC’s mobile capabilities.

Network Architecture Review

Network Architecture Review is a review and analysis of relevant network artefacts to identify how the network architecture and controls protect critical assets, sensitive data stores and business-critical interconnections.

Business Roadmap

Just like map shows us our starting point and where we want to arrive, so does our business roadmap. The business and technology roadmap approach is based on the analogy to the maps each of us uses as we travel.

Wireless Review

Wireless review provides a detailed analysis of the configuration of wireless network as per security standards, including wireless topology, installed components, device properties, configurations and more.

Current State Assessment

Business improvement begins with assessment of the current state. A solid understanding of how core operational processes are actually functioning within the business is necessary before any change. that will make a difference can be designed.

About Us

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Business and Technology Consultancy firm established in July 2014 by a team of professionals with a strong background of technology as well as business, who came together for a common cause and the mission of the Company “Transforming present and future together” This concept was evolved because it was found that it is the need of the hour as every employee and every organization feels that there is something lacking in the system, which results into non satisfaction towards the Job and the operation process. Kanishka Consultancy helps its clients, which results in the client’s profitability and productivity, in making processes streamlined so that every internal process will no longer be a Liability but an Asset to every Business.



Food Order Management suite comes with Android™ based POS working on Cloud compatible in offline mode, which is one of its kind in Indian Market.
It gives you End-to-End Visibility to Food ordering Process and it is equipped with powerful utilities such as Order Management, Billing System, Chef’s Kitchen Display Unit, KOT's, Inventory Management System, Recipe Management System, Menu Management, Offline Management and Central Kitchens.

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Kanakia K-Design

K-Design is the application developed by Kanishka Consultancy Team.This application is being used by Kanakia Spaces Pvt. Ltd. for their Design and Development team.In this application there are 4 Modules:1. Projects 2. Notification 4. Information 3. Chat To get access to K-Design, you need user name and password created by Superadmins of this application.

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Kanakia PAW

Kanakia PAW is the application developed by kanishka consultancy team. This application is being used by Kanakia spaces Pvt Ltd for their Quality team. In this application there are 3 Module:1. Pending checklist 2. Cars 3. Approved Checklist To get access to Kanakia PAW , you need user name and password created by superadmin of this application.for any enquiries about this application or it's functionalities, please contact Kanakia spaces pvt ltd IT team

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Mumbai Spaces

Mumbai Spaces is a property portal focusing on Mumbai and neighboring area spaces.
The seeds for Mumbai Spaces were sown with a birth of a dream: To build a professional and reliable web portal for Indians and NRIs seeking to know everything about Real Estate and related products and services in and around Mumbai. With mumbaispaces.com, Individual Buyers, Sellers, Developers and Corporate’s can realize ALL their Real Estate requirements seamlessly. Fulfilling it required an extended observation of the ground realities, the desires and concerns of each side involved.

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Visitor Management System ( VMS ) is a system designed for organizations where they can manage their Meetings record. It consists of a flow from the time when a visitor enters for a meeting till completion of that particular meeting. The system also provides an exclusive CSV report regarding all the visit analysis.

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FooDiiSoFT Manager

FooDiiSoFT Manager application is fundamentally a System for everyone and anyone who is using FooDiiSoFT Application for their food industry.In Foodiisoft Manager Application, Manager of the restaurant can view all order details in real-time, with their status in application itself without visiting to dashboard. At the end of the day manager can perform the Day Closure operation by just clicking a single button.

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Our Team

Vinay Vikram Singh


A navy brat and foodie, Vinay started his career working a Presales Consultant in Network & security. He was tasked with handling major accounts given the quick go to market attitude he possessed. An engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication, which served as base, along with natural sales knack helped establish his roots in his organization. However that was not enough to complete vision he envisaged. Vinay has since matured and moved on to his own venture and is one of the think tanks who contributes to brainchild that is "Kanishka Consultancy".

Snehal Desle


An Electronics and telecommunications Engineering Graduate, Snehal has established herself in InfoSec industry by associating herself with myriad of entities such as Mahindra, NII Consultancy, D-Link, Ernst & Young. Her expertise in handling respectable clientele for more than 9 years in InfoSec Industry & working under pressure for deliverables has been commended numerous times by clients as well as bosses. Playing an indispensible role as a wife in personal life and a workaholic professional, Snehal decided to move away from comfort zone of a established job and expand her wings in a new role as Entrepreneur to fulfill dream of owning her own business and is already pursuing this dream by founding a consultancy of her own. “Kanishka Consultancy” is one of conceptualization of collaborative efforts of think tanks to transform the industry and open new avenues for both Employee as well as Employer.

Ankita Mamnia


Don't be scared of the truth because we need to restart the human foundation in truth...

Devendra Mehra

accessibility specialist

Don't be scared of the truth because we need to restart the human foundation in truth...

Akshay U Jhadav

Web Developer

Gazal, Movies, Dramas, Films and Technology passionate Akshay has done his engineering in IT from Atharva College, Mumbai. Being born & brought up in heart of Mumbai, i.e Dadar, Akshay loves to hang out with friends and travel around. His eagerness to learn new things made him one of the best PHP developer in KC. Akshay’s resolute skills made him develop many web apps of KC.

Sunil Prajapati

Web Developer

Don't be scared of the truth because we need to restart the human foundation in truth...

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